Digital Vikings Awards is an international competition for indie game developers. The event will also host The Best Indie Publisher of 2022 award.

Information about the status of  your submitted games (including Steam Event) will be sent via e-mail by January 30th. The list of nominees will be shared on February 15th.



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Digital Vikings Awards 2023 jury consists of experienced judges, and gamedev managers sharing a true passion for indie video games.

Diana Biszczanik

Creative Director, Feardemic

4 years of experience as a Community Manager, Content Creator, and PR Specialist in the video games industry, then 2 years as a Marketing Director. Currently in the position of Creative Director in Feardemic – a horror games publisher based in Kraków.

Paweł Hekman

Producer/CEO, Movie Games/True Games Syndicate

Ex-journalist at Radio Index, Gazeta Wyborcza and Wirtualna Polska. From 2022 game producer at Movie Games and CEO of True Games Syndicate. As a freelancer writes for CD-Action and Also a host for tech and game events.

Bartłomiej Kossakowski

CMO, BoardDirector, RedDeer.Games

Gamedev veteran, 20+ years in the industry. He started his career in 1999 as a gaming journalist for the Secret Service magazine. Together with RedDeer.Games, he has released over 50 indie games from developers around the world.

Michał Król

Journalist, Radio Szczecin, PSX Extreme,

Journalist specializing in the Polish gaming market. Multiple jury member of Digital Dragons Awards, Pixel Awards Europe, PGA Awards and Indie Showcase.

Juliusz Mićko

CEO of Vixa Games

20 years in gaming. Previously worked in game publishing at Nexon, Perfect World, Webzen, GalaNet. Organizer of e-sports European Championships at ClanBase, GGL and Jolt Online Gaming.

Borys Nieśpielak

Co-Owner, Podcast Rock i Borys

Host of the Rock and Borys podcast, director of "We are alright", photographer, cinema connoisseur.

Piotr Surmacz

CEO, 3R Games S.A.

Executive producer and game director of Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street for Quest 2. Music composer, game designer and screenwriter with creative input in titles like PewDiePie's Poopdie, The Tenants, Yupitergrad VR, Oddventure, Coffee Noir, mobile Slavic Monsters and others.

Rafał Szrajber

Associate professor, ZTGK / Lodz University of Technology

The area of his research is architecture in video games, game design as a creative process and the use of local heritage in new media as a way to build local value and identity. Co-organizer of the ZTGK and GGC competitions.

Agnieszka Szóstak

Owner, PR Outreach

Adventure Zone website editor and CD Action magazine contributor. Working as a PR Specialist at CD Projekt RED studio for several years, being responsible for The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077. Now managing her own PR company called PR Outreach.


The most important category, judges will be taking into consideration uniqueness of gameplay, art style, overall game reception from the critics and players, and strength of influence on the indie scene.

Award for the game with the biggest potential to become the top trending game. Judges will look at the general hype across all social media from gameplay videos/trailers/demos/playtests.

Award for the game with best multiplayer and/or co-op as the main part. `Stable netcode, fair monetization and unique player modes and updates schedule will all be taken into account.

Judges will look into games which received an overwhelmingly positive response from a certain group of players, but were not that popular among critics/media and influencers.

Judges will be looking for the best game of 2022 developed and published solely by “one person team”.Solo developers are allowed to use any external help on QA, music and use of stock art.

Games with the most visually appealing and unique art style, blending nicely with gameplay and an outstanding level of detail and overall polish have the biggest chance in this category.


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