Digital Vikings 2024

Digital Vikings Awards is an international competition for indie game developers and publishers from the Baltic region, showcasing the best upcoming and released games.

The winners will be announced during an on-site event - DevGAMM Gdańsk 2024 on February 28th, 2024.





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Magdalena Cielecka
Head of Production Anshar Studios

A game developer with over a decade of experience as a producer, currently in the role of Head of Production at Anshar Studios. Responsible for adventure games such as Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love and the narrative RPG titled Gamedec.A doctor of humanities, game researcher, and educator.

Magdalena Czarnecka
Project Manager at 11 bit studios

In the game industry for almost 10 years. I've worked as QA and later as a Level Designer on Gwent, Thronebreaker and most recently on Cyberpunk 2077. Currently I'm Project Manager at 11bit studios.

Marta Matyjewicz
Game Marketing Consultant / Marketing Manager

Game marketing consultant focused on supporting game developers and marketing professionals in boosting their game sales, saving time, and cutting costs. Her mission is to help indie devs maximize profits and avoid costly mistakes.10+ years of experience. A Lifetime of love for games.

Andrejs Rusinovskis
CEO at GameDev Estonia

Leading GameDev Estonia, a non-profit organization that represents the interests of Estonian game industry and physical HUB in Tallinn. HR at Ringtail Studios. Jury member of GDWC 2023 Winter Awards & Latvian Game Awards 2022.

Dominika Szot
Head of Marketing at GRID

Head of Marketing at GRID, a game data platform working with Riot Games, Ubisoft, and KRAFTON. In her role, she oversees marketing, communication, partnership innovation, and developer community initiatives. A vocal advocate for diversity in gaming, Dominika hosts her podcast, ""IT’S HER GAME,"" featuring interviews with female industry leaders.

Rafał Szrajber
Associate Professor at The Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz / Lodz University of Technology

Game architect, designer, and lecturer. An ambassador for game industry education and inter-university collaboration, he is also a co-organizer of the ZTGK competition and art track GGC.  Judge at Digital Dragons, PIXEL Heaven, ZTKG, Global Game Jam.

Jakub Wójcik
CEO at Star Drifters

Responsible for business development and strategy at Star Drifters. He works with external developers and provides PR/Marketing and business support. One of the founders and Executive Chairman of the Indie Games Poland Foundation was established to support Polish video game developers.  Co-founder of better gaming agency. Judge at Digital Dragons, Pixel Heaven, PGA, many online events.

Arvydas Žemaitis
CEO at Strange Fire

Game developer of over 10 years, avid gamer for over 30 years, with 5 commercial PC/VR/Xbox/Playstation and 2 mobile titles under his belt.


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The most important category, judges will be taking into consideration uniqueness of gameplay, art style, overall game reception from the critics and players, and strength of influence on the indie scene.

Award for the game with the biggest potential to become the top trending game. Judges will look at the general hype across all social media from gameplay videos/trailers/demos/playtests.

Award for the game with best multiplayer and/or co-op as the main part. `Stable netcode, fair monetization and unique player modes and updates schedule will all be taken into account.

Judges will look into games which received an overwhelmingly positive response from a certain group of players, but were not that popular among critics/media and influencers.

Judges will be looking for the best game of 2022 developed and published solely by “one person team”.Solo developers are allowed to use any external help on QA, music and use of stock art.

Games with the most visually appealing and unique art style, blending nicely with gameplay and an outstanding level of detail and overall polish have the biggest chance in this category.


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What are the requirements for the teams that want to participate?
Which games and developers are eligible for the awards?
Can I submit multiple games?
Who is going to be on the jury and how will judges rate the games?
Can I submit console or mobile games?
Do I need to travel to the event to take part in the awards?
Could you share more details about the Best Indie Publisher Award?
How will the nominees and winners be announced?


DevGAMM Gdańsk 2024 is a B2B event for game developers, publishers, and all game industry fans. Powered by Digital Vikings, DevGAMM will gather 500+ professionals for networking, top-notch sessions, new games lineup, and career opportunities. See you in gorgeous Gdańsk on February 28-29!